Zille and Mike

Born in Wolfsburg, a small German industrial town, known worldwide as the headquarter of Volkswagen, Joachim (Zille) Szelies und Michael (Mike Blunt) Stumpf met at school over 25 years ago and became close friends. Music was the basis that brought two young man together. Two voices, two acoustic guitars – they spent hour after hour singing together. Inspired by the timeless harmonies of the legendary Everly Brothers and Simon and Garfunkel they achieved their own special sound.

They used their nicknames to form the duo “Zille and Mike”. After several years and innumerable appearances on stage they temporarily split up. Zille left the stage for the place behind the mixing console and opened his own recording studio. Mike went on making music by founding the Runaway Boys – a well known Rockabilly band in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

In the following years Zille successfully produced several artists and Rockabilly Bands like Boppin’ B., John Whiteleather and The King Rats, The Runaway Boys, The Chaperals, The Jailers, The Scamps, The Caravans and many others.

Mike first took a break after the split up of the Runaway Boys. Then he recorded two solo albums and joined the Chaperals for a short time.

Although they went different ways musically they never parted as friends and they collaborated several times.

So it was while working on the great Boppin’ B. album “Go” that Zille and Mike took the first step towards Rockabilly as a duo. Together with Boppin’ B. they recorded the Pointer Sisters chartbreaker “I’m so excited” in a unique and modern Rockabilly style.

For a long time this was to be their only Rockabilly venture.

Now they are back. With the help of some friends from their musical past they recorded this current brand-new Rockabilly album. They’re mixing various styles ranging from Country, Rock, Blues, A Cappella to Pop, into their own creation of Rockabilly.

So you can hear Zille and Mike are still rockin’...